Acquisition Section

This section belongs to the former type which regulates the acquiring and preparing the material for use into serviceable articles without delay and minimum cost. Once the books are acquired these have to be    technically processed before these are used by readers.

Technical Section

The section has main activities here are classification and cataloguing the documents. The Classifying documents of the library according to the Dewy Decimal Classification. This helps in arranging all books in proper way. The Cataloguing helps to readers locate books by author, title and subject.

Before the books and other documents reach the shelves, other processes are involved in making these available to users. These include pasting labels, due date slips book pocket, accessioning slip and stamping with the library seal. All these activities are carried out in this section.


This section represents the hub of library activities where lending out of books to readers is facilitated. In the Circulation Section Various functions are  undertaken viz. Registration of new members, lending of books , reminders for overdue books, reservation of books, renewal of functions are done on computers in addition the same being done manually.

The circulation section functions have been computerized to give faster service to our members. Three computers have been installed exclusively for the members to search books by title author, keywords and subject through OPAC (On-Line Public Access Catalogue)

 Periodical Sections

This section aim is to provide inspiration, recreation and current information to the readers. Due to vast knowledge explosion, newspapers and periodicals literature has a very important place these days in all fields whether it is Science, Arts, or Humanities because readers are more often get current information from periodical literature rather than books.

Here, readers have access to wide range of newspapers, magazines,  and journals with topics of relevant interest. Clipping files are prepared from newspapers on announcement relating to admissions, vacancies employment, and examination results. These are very useful to the readers for providing them information without hassles while saving their time.  Current issue of the magazines are being displayed on the rack  to make their maximum use by a large number of readers.  About 35 periodicals and 15 newspapers are received in Hindi, Kannada, English, Languages.

Stock Section:

The stock section is Comprehensive up-to-dare coverage for library stock. Find breaking library stock state of art subject and in depth coverage with subjects.

Reference Section

The basic objective of the reference section is to assist the clientele to use resources of the library in an effective manner leading to their optimum utilization. Reference service is the most intensive kind of personal service which attempts to bring together the user and information in a personal way.  There are two types of reference services, direct and indirect.  Under direct reference services, personal assistance is provided, directly to the user.  It may take the form of library instruction and information service.

The current era has acquired the name of “Information Era”.  Libraries and computers can contribute towards efficiency in disseminating of information.  Keeping in track with the changing scenario, the library has started disseminating information on the internet and e-mail services.  Very shortly services providing ONLINE access to various databases shall be started.